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Our wine columnist Adam Lechmere shares his thoughts on wine regions, grape varieties, hot topics and issues, and most importantly, what to drink now

  • Indian Tonic

    Indian Tonic

    In Britain, we’ve enjoyed Indian food for decades – but what about the wine? Steven Spurrier takes a look at the past, present and future of Indian winemaking

  • Sherry


    Forget the granny connotation - sherry is the trendiest drink out there, says Adam Lechmere, and if you just give it a try you’re bound to discover why

  • Champagne alternatives

    Champagne alternatives

    Adam Lechmere dips into the world of sparkling wines, and finds that many of them offer more bang for your buck than the traditional bottle of bubbly

  • The price of wines

    The price of wines

    From handbags to cars, price tags often reflect status rather than quality - can the same be said for wine? Adam Lechmere considers the £6.99 rule

  • Wines of Portugal

    Wines of Portugal

    The next time you reach for a Spanish wine, think again and look west, suggests Adam Lechmere, to the unique and diverse offerings of Portugal

  • Bordeaux wines

    Bordeaux wines

    The prices of its top wines may be prohibitive, but even outside the exclusive labels Bordeaux still produces the world's best wines, says Adam Lechmere

  • Californian wines

    Californian wines

    Adam Lechmere sometimes wishes they all could be Californian wines – even if you do have to be prepared to pay a little more for the privilege

  • Beaujolais


    Throw away your preconceptions and raise a toast to new-wave Beaujolais, which can even hold its own against Burgundy, says Adam Lechmere

  • Spanish wines

    Spanish wines

    As good as it can be and however much you love it, there’s more to the Spanish wine scene than Rioja, argues wannabe Spaniard Adam Lechmere

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