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Where do the chefs eat when they have the night off and where do they travel to for culinary inspiration? We asked them...

  • Jason Atherton

    Jason Atherton

    Opening 17 restaurants around the world in just five years, Jason Atherton is cooking in a league of his own. The chef takes a break to tell Mark Sansom how his empire is coming along and how he forged his own path
  • José Pizarro

    José Pizarro

    Having recently opened his third London restaurant, Spanish chef José Pizarro tells Blossom Green what inspires his cooking, where he takes lunch and how he is one of Tom Sellers’ biggest fanboys
  • Richard Corrigan

    Richard Corrigan

    Having started his career as a boy of just 14 and worked his way to the very top via the kitchens of Europe, Richard Corrigan is about as far from a fad-following chef as you can possibly get.
  • Steve Smith

    Steve Smith

    The Midlands chef helms Michelin-starred Bohemia in St Helier, and loves London’s cocktails and Barcelona’s tapas bars. A champion of Jersey produce, he’s inspired by Italy too, says Imogen Lepere
  • Glynn Purnell

    Glynn Purnell

    He’s the affable Brummie done good who’s equally at home cracking jokes as well as yolks on TV. But he’s also a passionate nonconformist with strong views on food fads and a serious supporter of his city, discovers Mark Sansom
  • Cláudio Cardoso

    Cláudio Cardoso

    The executive chef at skyscraping Sushisamba on London’s Bishopsgate talks to Imogen Lepere about his favourite hidden restaurants, where he travels and knives that are worth more than cars
  • Tom Kerridge

    Tom Kerridge

    Behind his likeable TV persona and West Country twang, chef Tom Kerridge has had a bumpy ride to the top. He talks to Mark Sansom about idolising Marco Pierre White, ditching the booze and unbridled ambition
  • Vineet Bhatia

    Vineet Bhatia

    One of the first Indian chefs to win a Michelin star in 2001, Bhatia now has ten restaurants across the globe and his own brand of Indian fusion. He tells Mark Sansom where he goes for his inspiration...
  • Andrew Fairlie

    Andrew Fairlie

    Running the only two-Michelin-star restaurant in Scotland, situated within the luxury Gleneagles hotel, this chef has to keep his ideas fresh. He tells Anthea Gerrie where he goes – and eats – for inspiration
  • Mark Sargeant

    Mark Sargeant

    A former right-hand man to Gordon Ramsay and now building an empire of his own, Mark Sargeant is in fine form. He talks to Mark Sansom about being a London restaurant fixer and putting Folkestone on the map
  • April Bloomfield

    April Bloomfield

    One of Britain's best culinary exports, chef and author April Bloomfield forged her trade in London before taking her cool, uncompromising cooking to New York, says Mark Sansom. But will she return home?
  • Omar Allibhoy

    Omar Allibhoy

    A Spanish food champion and chef-owner of Tapas Revolution, Omar talks to James Williams about his love of kite-surfing, Grimsby’s awesome fish and chips and childhood money-making schemes
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