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City Breaks: All destinations

Whether you’re just passing through or making a weekend of it, we give you the 48-hour lowdown on cities across the globe. What to see, what to do, what not to miss...



Travel Time

10hrs 10mins

A riot of beaches, bars and great snorkelling opportunities, the capital of The Bahamas mixes secluded castaway areas with lively Caribbean city life, says Imogen Lepere

From its bustling craft shops to trademark bumpy ‘jitney’ buses, the capital of The Bahamas has an exuberance that never fails to excite. Pirates and bootleggers once washed up on its shores, which are today enjoyed by travellers who bask on its miles of sun-drenched sands lapped by azure seas.…

  • Hobart

    Hobart Australia and Southern Pacific, Tazmania

    Travel Time

    24hrs 50mins

    Tasmania's capital not only does a fine line in Pacific oysters, barista coffee and wines, but also serves up world-class art and an enviable outdoor lifestyle, says Anne Krebiehl
  • Galle

    Galle Asia, Sri Lanka

    Travel Time

    10hrs 30mins

    On the southwestern tip of Sri Lanka, this costal city has stylish boutique hotels, bohemian vibes and bountiful white sand beaches to tempt you, says Imogen Lepere
  • Stratford-Upon-Avon

    Stratford-Upon-Avon Europe, England

    Travel Time

    2hrs 10mins

    In the bosom of England, this market town is home to a romantic river, cosy restaurants, and a culture that stretches far beyond its famous playwright, says Imogen Lepere
  • Santiago De Cuba

    Santiago De Cuba South America

    Travel Time

    14hrs 30mins

    The salsa is fast, the mojitos are strong and the spirit of the revolution lives on in Cuba’s second city. Seek out its retro character before it disappears, says Imogen Lepere
  • Manila

    Manila Asia

    Travel Time

    18hrs 10mins

    Walk along the colonial city walls, soak up the Spanish old town and delve into the throng of fish markets. This skyscraper city is full of surprises, says Lizzie Frainier
  • Tel Aviv

    Tel Aviv

    Travel Time

    5hrs 10mins

    From its bountiful markets to Bauhaus architecture, laid-back street cafés and choice of great beaches, this lively city’s energy is a breath of fresh air, says Blossom Green
  • George Town

    George Town

    Travel Time

    12hrs 10mins

    Cool Caribbean cuisine, great diving and fabulous hotels set on the white-sand beach make for a chilled vibe in the capital of the Cayman Islands, says Imogen Lepere
  • Bahrain


    Travel Time

    7hrs 30mins

    Unesco-listed forts, Grand Prix racing and an influx of world-class chefs are all putting this kingdom on the map, and the history runs even deeper, says Francesca Jackson
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