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City Breaks: All destinations

Whether you’re just passing through or making a weekend of it, we give you the 48-hour lowdown on cities across the globe. What to see, what to do, what not to miss...


Tel Aviv

Travel Time

5hrs 10mins

From its bountiful markets to Bauhaus architecture, laid-back street cafés and choice of great beaches, this lively city’s energy is a breath of fresh air, says Blossom Green

Glorious winter sunshine and a youthful, chilled-out buzz are the biggest pulls to Israel’s cultural heart at this time of year. Add to that a vibrant art scene, creative locals, interesting mixes of Thirties and Forties architecture and fragrant food and you’ll not want to leave. Trendy meets…

  • George Town

    George Town

    Travel Time

    12hrs 10mins

    Cool Caribbean cuisine, great diving and fabulous hotels set on the white-sand beach make for a chilled vibe in the capital of the Cayman Islands, says Imogen Lepere
  • Bahrain


    Travel Time

    7hrs 30mins

    Unesco-listed forts, Grand Prix racing and an influx of world-class chefs are all putting this kingdom on the map, and the history runs even deeper, says Francesca Jackson
  • Mexico City

    Mexico City North America, Mexico

    Travel Time

    12hrs 10mins

    From the wonders of the Aztecs, to paintings by Frida Kahlo and chic bars, this lively metropolis is a real must-do. There’s excellent dining too, says Nicholas Gilman
  • Frankfurt

    Frankfurt Europe, Germany

    Travel Time

    1hrs 30mins

    Shaking off the cold and leaping into life with its mighty Christmas market, this most festive of cities has art, architecture and apfelwein all on tap, finds Blossom Green
  • Barcelona

    Barcelona Europe, Spain

    Travel Time

    2hrs 10mins

    Celebrate the season with a visit to this creative city, where ancient Catalan culture contrasts with new-wave tapas and ultra-modern hotels, says Imogen Lepere
  • Kuala Lumpur

    Kuala Lumpur Asia, Malaysia

    Travel Time

    12hrs 30mins

    Skycrapers sit alongside traditional architecture and beautiful parks in this high-tech capital, which wears its history in its confluence of cuisines, says Jennifer Cox
  • Dubai

    Dubai Asia, Dubai

    Travel Time

    7hrs 10mins

    Gasp at the opulent malls, breakfast with a ‘Camelccino’, bask in the heat and haggle in the souks. This desert dream has more than meets the eye, says Susanna Dansie
  • Brussels

    Brussels Europe, Belgium

    Travel Time

    2hrs 10mins

    Belgium’s quirky capital is just two hours’ train ride from central London – and its bar and restaurant scene is worth the trip alone, says Jonathan Thompson
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