48 Hours

City Breaks: Spain

Whether you’re just passing through or making a weekend of it, we give you the 48-hour lowdown on cities across the globe. What to see, what to do, what not to miss...

  • Bilbao

    Bilbao Europe, Spain

    Travel Time

    2hrs 10mins

    This Basque beauty has impactful architecture, brilliant beaches, one of the best museums in the world and a unique gastronomic identity, says Imogen Lepere
  • Barcelona

    Barcelona Europe, Spain

    Travel Time

    2hrs 10mins

    Celebrate the season with a visit to this creative city, where ancient Catalan culture contrasts with new-wave tapas and ultra-modern hotels, says Imogen Lepere
  • Palma

    Palma Europe, Spain

    Travel Time

    1hrs 10mins

    Once reviled as the place where ‘water don’t taste like what it oughta’, Majorca is now escaping its package-holiday past, with the capital leading the way, says Mark Sansom.
  • Seville

    Seville Europe, Spain

    Travel Time

    2hrs 40mins

    Fountain-filled courtyards, a rich history and some of the country’s best tapas are to be found in Andalucia’s sun-soaked capital, ‘the frying pan’ of Spain, says Renate Ruge.
  • Cadiz

    Cadiz Europe, Spain

    Travel Time

    2hrs 30mins

    With its rich maritime history and laidback lifestyle, this antiquated harbour city is the ideal place to soak up some sun and a glass or two of sherry, writes Marc Millon.
  • Santa Cruz

    Santa Cruz Europe, Spain

    Travel Time

    4hrs 50mins

    Keya Modessa brushes up on her Spanish and gets cultural in the sunny, vibrant city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where she tries tasty local cheeses and potatoes con mojo.
  • Valencia

    Valencia Europe, Spain

    Travel Time

    2hrs 20mins

    With its beaches, museums, laid-back ambience and famously sweet oranges, Spain’s third-largest city should be on every traveller’s itinerary, writes Alicia Miller.
  • Vigo

    Vigo Europe, Spain

    Travel Time

    2hrs 10mins

    Perched on the northern coast of Spain, the city of Vigo is famed for its fishing industry, colourful fiestas and crisp white albariño wine, discovers Keya Modessa.

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