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Vienna Viennese twist

Wake up and smell the coffee in the Austrian capital, where Michael Raffael takes his with a side-serving of Michelin stars as he meets the chefs who are moving the city forward

Viennese don’t travel by horse and carriage to work. They take the U-Bahn or tram. Hailing a fiacre outside flamboyant gothic St Stephen’s Cathedral is a one-off, a nod to the city’s imperial past. It’s near the top of any to-do list, along with apfelstrudel (apple strudel) at Demel and Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss at Belvedere museum. Movie buffs would also add its Ferris wheel, from which Orson Welles playing Harry Lime in The Third Man looked down at the fairground below and uttered the…

  • South Asia

    Bhutan South Asia

    Journey into the mysterious Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, where traditions are fiercely guarded and wealth is measured by happiness. Cross the border and prepare for the trip of a lifetime Words and photography by Ewen Bell
  • Peru

    Cusco Peru

    Cusco will take you on a journey. From crumbling Incan ruins to eating rodents in restaurants, Michael Raffael explores everything Peru’s second city has to offer. Just be sure to take a break to acclimatise
  • Israel

    Tel-Aviv Israel

    Blessed with an abundance of exquisite natural produce, Israel's most cosmopolitan city is in the midst of a revolution. Alex Mead explores its burgeoning food and drink scene
  • Mountain Brew

    Ethiopia Mountain Brew

    Coffee is Ethiopia’s gift to the world and life’s true leveller, enjoyed by rich and poor. Rosemary Barron explores the country’s precious – and delicious – natural resources
  • Grand Designs

    Isfahan Grand Designs

    Affectionately referred to as ‘half the world’, Isfahan’s rich culture, cuisine and unmatched elegance are making it a drawcard as the city opens up to travellers. Philip Sweeney explores the city’s faded grandeur, picnic culture and renowned hospitality.
  • Colonial Colour

    Cartagena Colonial Colour

    A vivid melting pot of Colombian, Spanish and African influences, Cartagena is one of Latin America’s most appealing cities. Its vibrant music scene is of global renown and, as Philip Sweeney discovers, the flourishing food culture is worth making some noise about, too.
  • A Moorish Mirage

    Rabat A Moorish Mirage

    Step into the Moroccan capital of Rabat and you enter a city that stands apart from its tourist-laden siblings. Nick Savage explores its enchanting, untouched streets, charming architecture and historic ruins
  • Hidden Wealth

    Malaysia Hidden Wealth

    Once the country's tin-mining capital, Ipoh is Malaysia's 'city of millionaires'. Although it's not visible on the surface, the city is a vault of culinary tradition and treasure trove of history, says Michael Raffael.
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