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Bordeaux Sleeping beauty stirs

Once regarded as a sleepy setting, Bordeaux is now revealing a sensual identity. Michael Raffael raises a glass to a city revelling in change

La Belle Endormie, or The Sleeping Beauty, is what the French call Bordeaux. The city has yawned, stretched and woken up as bright and honeyed as a glass of Château d’Yquem, its sweetest daughter. Its 18th-century architecture now scraped clean of grime helps justify its Unesco World Heritage status but its cosmetic makeover is only a small part of the story. Over the past decade the city has reinvented itself. Views of the River Garonne shut off by decaying warehouses are now a memory.…

  • Feels like holm

    Stockholm Feels like holm

    Sweden’s capital oozes over with Scandi chic but there’s plenty of substance behind all this style, says Olivia Palamountain
  • Fjord Thinking

    Stavanger Fjord Thinking

    Stavanger may be feeling the burn from the collapse of the oil boom but Norway’s richest city has turned its attention to other natural bounties, says Olivia Palamountain
  • In one fell swoop

    Ribble Valley In one fell swoop

    The heart of Lancashire is home to impeccable produce, charming inns and rolling countryside. Michael Raffael finds himself bewitched by the enchanting Ribble Valley
  • On Swiss time

    Zurich On Swiss time

    Think Switzerland, think neutrality, money and chocolate. But the capital of finance is shedding its staid image and embracing a new ethos that celebrates culinary diversity in all its forms, says Anthony Lambert
  • The Godfather

    Lisbon The Godfather

    A city resisting revolution, Lisbon is sticking to its culinary guns. Alex Harris crisscrosses the city for custard tarts and cherry brandy, but can’t slip the man whose family has salted cod for generations
  • Viennese twist

    Vienna Viennese twist

    Wake up and smell the coffee in the Austrian capital, where Michael Raffael takes his with a side-serving of Michelin stars as he meets the chefs who are moving the city forward
  • South Asia

    Bhutan South Asia

    Journey into the mysterious Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, where traditions are fiercely guarded and wealth is measured by happiness. Cross the border and prepare for the trip of a lifetime Words and photography by Ewen Bell
  • Peru

    Cusco Peru

    Cusco will take you on a journey. From crumbling Incan ruins to eating rodents in restaurants, Michael Raffael explores everything Peru’s second city has to offer. Just be sure to take a break to acclimatise
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