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Lyon, France Lyon’s Share

Known for its nouvelle cuisine, this centre of gastronomy has its roots in a much homelier style of cooking. Anthea Gerrie tastes the best and discovers the mères who taught today’s masters

Salads of calves’ feet and pigs’ ears, tête de veau and innards of every kind scream out at you from the rough and ready menus of Lyon’s working-class retaurants, the bouchons. Tripe, snout, marrow and blood sausage – there’s often nowhere else to look. From a culinary point of view, the city is paradoxical. ‘In Lyon, you can eat pig fat fried in pig fat,’ notes author Bill Buford, who moved his family here in order to dive headfirst into the guts-heavy gastronomy. It’s also…

  • Gourmet Gold Rush

    Oregon, USA Gourmet Gold Rush

    Why do so many artisan producers and talented chefs want to ply their trade in Oregon? Its wine country, coastline crammed with the choicest crab, oysters, and an enviable quality of life could be the answer for the prospectors, says Fiona Sims.
  • Belgian Bounty

    Ardennes Belgian Bounty

    The canopy of the Ardennes' vast forests hides far more than an infamous European battleground. Michael Raffael uncovers a rich culinary heritage preserved by artisans of brewing and baking, cheese and charcuterie
  • Prince Charming

    Prince Edward County Prince Charming

    Once a centre of Canada's canning industry, fertile Prince Edward County on Lake Ontario today simmers with tomato growers, creative chefs and winegrowers, says Alex Mead
  • Fast Food

    Le Mans, France Fast Food

    Over the roar of the engines, the rattle of pans shows Le Mans is as much about the chance to dine as it is the cars. In a feat of endurance, Marc Millon eats his way into the night
  • Some Finn Good

    Helsinki and the Lakeland Some Finn Good

    Few have an affinity with their environment like the Finns – as seen by their love of saunas, forests and log cabins beside crystal-clear lakes. In a gastronomic tour of Helsinki and the Lakeland, Clarissa Hyman tastes a new-wave, hunter-gatherer cuisine that follows suit
  • If You Go Down To The Woods Today

    Black Forest If You Go Down To The Woods Today

    A land built on kaffee and kuchen, fruit brandies and hearty spätzle, there’s more to the Black Forest than its namesake gâteau. Sue Style tucks into a fairy-tale feast amid the castles, rivers and towering firs
  • Latvian Spirit

    Riga, Latvia Latvian Spirit

    A renaissance in artisan food and wines, innovative chefs and produce that defines the city have all helped to shape Riga’s new personality. Steel yourself for a punchy shot of the bittersweet Black Balsam liqueur in this vibrant Baltic capital, says Michael Raffael
  • Devon is a Place on Earth

    Devon, UK Devon is a Place on Earth

    Cheesemakers, cider slurpers, fishermen and slow-food saviours all call North Devon home, as Marc Millon finds out on a VW Camper road trip visiting its choicest cuts
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