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Manta, Ecuador Fresh Off The Beach

Its cooking could rival Peru and its lively seaside towns are awash with Latin spirit, but Ecuador keeps many of its best secrets to itself. Michael Raffael hits the coast for a taste

Manta is Ecuador’s ‘tuna capital’. In the commercial port, cranes lift yellowfin by the tonne onto the wharf. Most of it ends up as export, the best of it fresh or frozen and the rest in cans. At restaurant Martinica, chef Omar Rivadeneira makes a marine tournedos Rossini using only the finest grade A. To do this, he tops the slow-cooked fillet, still blood red, with foie gras from the neighbouring province of Guayas. Instead of Madeira wine, he pours a cordon of sauce around it, flavoured…

  • At The Edge Of An Empire

    Cameron Highlands, Malaysia At The Edge Of An Empire

    In Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands, carpets of tea, strawberries and lavender sit amid vestiges of British rule. Beneath a swirling cloud forest, Michael Raffael samples its richly rooted cuisine
  • The Desert Pearl

    Doha, Qatar The Desert Pearl

    Steeped in the legends of ocean-going traders and pearl merchants, Doha has the food and drink worthy of its mystique. Rosemary Barron explores its sweeping port, elegant squares and quiet backstreets, which stand starkly against the new
  • Trading Places

    Zanzibar Trading Places

    An Indian Ocean outcrop, Zanzibar offers a colourful clash of African, Indian and Middle Eastern cultures. Its brilliant white-sand beaches, famous spices and fish diet are matched only by islanders’ warm welcome, says Michael Raffael
  • Pacific palate

    Fiji Pacific palate

    A rich tropical landscape and abundant ocean are the hallmarks of Fiji’s fast-developing cuisine. Add to that Indian spice, innovative local chefs and strong traditions, and you’ve an addictive mix, says Michael Harden
  • The Ari Cats

    Ari, Bangkok, Thailand The Ari Cats

    The hipsters are beating a path to Ari, a Bangkok residential district turned hotspot for dining out, street food, drip coffee and food entrepreneurs, says Annica Wainwright
  • Kitt & Caboodle

    St Kitts Kitt & Caboodle

    Great food is never far away in St Kitts- an island whose cuisine is at the core of its reinvention, a decade after the sugar factories closed for good. Today, rum, reggae and dining by the beach are drawing the crowds, says Judy Bastyra
  • Holy Mole

    Oaxaca, Mexico Holy Mole

    Aztec hot chocolate, boundless maize and rich sauces are big reasons to visit the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Anthea Gerrie enjoys its ruins, worm-laced mezcal and hot-as-hell chillies
  • Life in the Fast Lane

    Melbourne, Australia Life in the Fast Lane

    Melbourne’s labyrinthine streets are home to Australia’s most developed food scene. Solve the cobbled maze and be rewarded with international food utopia, says Michael Harden
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