Gourmet Traveller


Travel the world in search of the ultimate gourmet destinations discovering the many unique flavours that make up an area’s culinary identity...

  • Chinese Takeaways

    Beijing Chinese Takeaways

    In Beijing, great food is far from ‘forbidden’. Here you can take a tour of traditional cuisine and myriad duck dishes, then taste the changes as chefs update the classics and embrace new Western ideas, says Alex Mead.
  • Treasure Islands

    Hong Kong Treasure Islands

    Hong Kong residents escape the metropolis by heading for the nearby islands where life is unhurried, traditions are kept alive and the diverse food is worth the journey, finds Michael Raffael.
  • Silk Roots

    Hangzhou, China Silk Roots

    The Chinese city of Hangzhou, with its enchanting West Lake and mountainous backdrop, also has a food culture that’s the envy of the People’s Republic, as Gillian Rhys discovers.
  • Eastern Promise

    Macau Eastern Promise

    The modern face of Macau is energetic and ever-changing, but this enticing city retains the flavours of its Portuguese and Chinese heritage, says Katie Monk.

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