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Travel the world in search of the ultimate gourmet destinations discovering the many unique flavours that make up an area’s culinary identity...

  • Well heeled

    Lecce Well heeled

    The stunning stiletto on Italy’s boot, Lecce is the engine room of Puglian produce. Nick Savage wonders at baroque architecture, sensual pasta and locals who strive to keep tradition alive
  • Aged Before Beauty

    Modena, Italy Aged Before Beauty

    Modena and its environs make some of Italy’s finest foods – good enough for local son, Pavarotti, to sing about. Marc Millon finds they taste even better fresh from the source
  • Tortelli Town

    Mantua Tortelli Town

    From the feasts, art and awe-inspiring architecture of the Renaissance to modern chefs keeping its traditions alive, Italy’s Mantua has plenty to get stuck into, says Carla Capalbo.
  • Beyond Borders

    Ciociaria Beyond Borders

    Italy’s best-kept secret, Ciociaria is not even marked on the map. But while people can’t agree on its boundaries, Anthea Gerrie finds little dispute over the quality of the region’s cuisine.
  • In Grand Style

    Venice In Grand Style

    If you're looking for a city to seduce you and the kids, with its unique transport and sights on every corner, hits the spot - and that's without even mentioning the pizza and ice cream...
  • The Secret South

    Basilicata The Secret South

    Basilicata, the ‘instep’ of Italy’s boot, is historically a neglected and unexplored part of the country, but its spectacular, arid landscape yields a remarkably rich and individual culinary tradition born out of necessity, as David Gerrie discovers.
  • Beyond the Sea

    Sardinia Beyond the Sea

    Century-old traditions are a core element of life in the beautiful, mountainous Nuoro region of Sardinia – and food is at its heart, as the wholesome, distinctive flavours of the local cuisine reflect the rugged, herb-scented terrain. Andrew Richardson gets a taste of the pastoral life.

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