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From the world’s finest lake stays to the most beautiful Mediterranean islands, for travel inspiration, look no further.


Ski School AsiaJapanEuropeAustriaFranceItalyNorth AmericaCanada

Find your snow legs with former British alpine racer Konrad Bartelski's roundup of his best resorts in the world to learn

  • Restoring the Balance

    Restoring the Balance AfricaAsiaCambodiaNorth AmericaUSA

    If you’re in need of an escape from the electronic trials of daily life, look no further. Imogen Lepere has found the top digital detox retreats that will leave you feeling free from the stresses of the working world. Is your smartphone the last thing you see at night and the first thing you reach for in the morning? You’re not alone. On average we check our mobiles 200 times a day and one in four of us spends more time a week on the internet than we do asleep. A recent Ofcom report found 59 per cent of people consider themselves addicted to their devices. It’s time to unplug. Pick from ten of the world’s most relaxing hotels where their remote locations mean little or no phone signal so you can log off, shut down and – for once – live in the moment.
  • Upping the Game

    Upping the Game AfricaNamibiaAsiaIndiaNepal

    It’s been a big year out on the plains. In the past 12 months more new safari lodges have opened than ever before. Liz Bird introduces you to the very best bases in which to luxuriate amid the wildlife, from Africa to Asia…
  • First Cruise, what you need to know

    First Cruise, what you need to know

    Ever wondered about a cruise but you’re not sure about parting with the money? We sent three writers on their maiden voyages to see if life at sea is shipshape or leaves them with that sinking feeling. From river cruising, island-hopping or longer voyages, read their first-hand accounts before making your decision
  • Go Native

    Go Native

    Detached from society and upholding millennia-old tradition, the last remaining tribes on Earth are a window into the society from whence we came. Imogen Lepere and Francesca Hool have uncovered those you can visit, learn about and give something back to. So pack a camera, because the tribal drums are calling.
  • Dive into the Blue

    Dive into the Blue

    Want more from your holiday than a swimming pool? Imogen Lepere has swum deep to find the best experiences you can have on (and beneath) the ocean waves
  • Harvest for the World

    Harvest for the World

    Autumn in Europe means reaping the rewards of the land. Liz Bird rounds up 11 of the best holidays where you can dig, pick, pluck and forage your way to a superb supper
  • Value Vacations

    Value Vacations AfricaAsiaTurkeyEuropePortugalSouth America

    With Brexit looming, now is the time to extract every ounce of value from your holiday. Imogen Lepere has discovered six clever ways to make your money travel further
  • Cities With Beaches

    Cities With Beaches AsiaTurkeyEuropeFinlandFranceGermanySpain

    You’ve seen the sights, explored the museums and ticked off all your must-eat restaurants. Now it’s time to relax. Lizzie Frainier has her deckchair ready to show you the way to the beach.
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