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The Immortals

Who wants to live forever? Imogen Lepere explores five longevity hot spots and looks into why some of the world's oldest people live as long as they do

  • Asia’s Top New Hotels

    Asia’s Top New Hotels

    It’s been a big year out East. Blossom Green traverses the continent to bring you our pick of the game-changing launches from the past year
  • Craving sunshine

    Craving sunshine

    Fed up with the cold? Make the most of your Easter break with a short-haul holiday that will give you a much-needed vitamin D boost, doing something fun while you’re at it, says Imogen Lepere
  • Capture the Castle

    Capture the Castle

    Lizzie Frainier and Blossom Green dust off their tiaras to discover the history and mysteries behind some of Britain’s most regal buildings. Together, they prove that you don’t always have to be royal to rest your head in some of the nation’s most magnificent keeps
  • Would for the trees

    Would for the trees

    Treehouse hotels are the greenest trend in tourism and have become the stylish choice for nature lovers and design devotees. Imogen Lepere guides you around eight of the best
  • Voyage of discovery

    Voyage of discovery

    Taking a cruise allows you to experience more destinations in a short space of time than any other holiday. Gary Buchanan has drawn on his years exploring the ocean to give you those hidden coastal locations where you’ll be planning a trip back to long before you disembark
  • Michelin for less

    Michelin for less

    The Food and Travel team has traversed the UK to find the restaurants that give you the most bang for your buck. Whichever you book, satisfaction comes served as standard
  • Ski School

    Ski School AsiaJapanEuropeAustriaFranceItalyNorth AmericaCanada

    Find your snow legs with former British alpine racer Konrad Bartelski's roundup of his best resorts in the world to learn
  • Restoring the Balance

    Restoring the Balance AfricaAsiaCambodiaNorth AmericaUSA

    If you’re in need of an escape from the electronic trials of daily life, look no further. Imogen Lepere has found the top digital detox retreats that will leave you feeling free from the stresses of the working world. Is your smartphone the last thing you see at night and the first thing you reach for in the morning? You’re not alone. On average we check our mobiles 200 times a day and one in four of us spends more time a week on the internet than we do asleep. A recent Ofcom report found 59 per cent of people consider themselves addicted to their devices. It’s time to unplug. Pick from ten of the world’s most relaxing hotels where their remote locations mean little or no phone signal so you can log off, shut down and – for once – live in the moment.
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