Create food photos that are good enough to eat

Show off your summer salads, BBQ feasts and scrumptious sweet treats by creating photos that look as delicious as your dishes. Add a professional edge and elevate your images by editing them with the Lightroom CC app.

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Cook and click

After cooking up a storm with our recipes, you’ll want to share your culinary creations everywhere. After all, it didn’t happen unless you posted it on Instagram…

‘The eyes eat first,’ says food Instagrammer Bo’s Kitchen (, who’s always on the lookout for tips and tools that make her photographs work harder. ‘Even back in the days of shooting and editing with just an iPhone, my goal has always been to create pictures that looked good enough to eat.’

While Bo points out that a good app won’t compensate for a poorly composed image, with the right tweaks, she says, you can take your food photography from casual snaps into quality shots good enough to blog about.

To achieve this, Bo’s favoured tool is Lightroom CC, an easy-to-use photo app from Adobe that enables you to enhance and bring your image to life direct from your mobile device. Packed with free features and easy to download from your app store (see below), Lightroom CC makes it easy to experiment with different settings that will completely transform your photos. And because you can post them straight from the app, sharing your new and improved photos on your social media feeds has never been easier.


A feast for the eyes

Want to make those blueberries bluer or that passionfruit posset pop? Can’t quite get the natural light right or want to make your summer tart look flawless? Using the Lightroom CC app, you can compose and crop, bring out hues and control the colour temperature for a more Instagrammable image.

Topped your granola bowl with a medley of summer fruit? Boost its colour using the Color Saturation or Vibrance tool – your mangos will look super juicy and your pineapple enviously ripe. Play around with the Light settings and tweak contrast and exposure to highlight focal points such as sprinkles, granola seeds and tantalising toppings.

Spruce up your images by adding definition and focus with the Clarity, Dehaze and Vignette tools, or sharpen images in the Detail setting. Using the temperature tool will enable you to enhance warm, cool and neutral tones.

You can even create your own Lightroom preset, which saves your settings like a filter so that you can easily edit images in the future with just one touch. Alternatively, you can download Lightroom CC presets created and shared by your favourite foodies, influencers and skilled photographers to achieve the look you like best.

Post it like a pro

With so many great features packed into the Lightroom app, your only problem might be which ones to choose – or how to style your dishes to show them at their best. To help you out Bo has created three easy-to-follow tutorials. Some of her top styling tips include adding layers to create depth, such as placing bowls on complementary crockery, using ingredients you’ve used in the dish as props and picking out vibrant colours to make your creation stand out.

Odd numbers are also important, she says. So, if you’ve created a scrumptious smoothie bowl using raspberries, you might place a small pot of raspberries next to your bowl to emphasise the red hues or place three raspberries next to the image to add extra interest.

Adding her tips to the app’s features will drastically change how your images look. Check out Bo’s exclusive free preset to see for yourself how Lightroom CC can fire up your food photography.

Download Lightroom CC for free. Available for iPhone here and Android here.

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