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Sardines October -


The silver bullets of the sea have shed their oily reputation and embarked on a fresh journey, says Clarissa Hyman

Sardines are small but perfectly formed fish that come in electric shades of gunmetal silver, green and blue with delicate, overlapping scales that give them a quilted effect. So why did I used to hate them so much? Especially when they were served on toast. And as for the dreaded pilchard, or sardinus pilchardus, it was no surprise to learn it was a grown-up sardine – larger and older if not wise enough to avoid being brutally smothered in a can of acidic tomato sauce. Perhaps it was the word ‘nutritious’ that condemned it in my teenage soul, or the rank oiliness of the bargain-basement cans, or the weird crunch of little bones. Or even being suffocated in a childhood game of sardines. But that was BM, Before Malaga. Before a first holiday in the sun revealed an astounding truth: you could eat a sardine grilled fresh from the sea and move straight to heaven on Earth. more

  • Kale

    January produce

    Scallops, kale, parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, chicory and pomegranates

  • Cabbage

    February produce

    Cauliflowers, swede, oysters, lemons and passion fruit

  • Purple sprouting broccoli

    March produce

    Purple sprouting broccoli, cabbage and oranges

  • Shallots

    April produce

    Spring herbs, spinach, watercress, shallots, blood oranges and rhubarb

  • French beans

    May produce

    French beans, asparagus, Jersey royals, peas, spinach and rocket

  • Gooseberries

    June produce

    Samphire, broad beans, gooseberries, cherries, strawberries and honey

  • Fennel

    July produce

    Courgettes, cucumbers and artichokes

  • Peppers

    August produce

    Aubergines, peppers, tomatoes and apricots

  • Peppers

    September produce

    Peppers and figs

  • Onions

    October produce

    Wild mushrooms, onions, sweet potatoes, fennel, apples and plums

  • Truffles

    November produce

    Savoy cabbage, pumpkins, celeriac, carrots, cavolo nero, potatoes, truffles and dates

  • Clementines

    December produce

    Brussels sprouts, nuts, walnuts, chestnuts and cranberries

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