Gourmet Traveller

Travel the world in search of the ultimate gourmet destinations discovering the many unique flavours that make up an area’s culinary identity...

Oaxaca, Mexico Holy Mole

Aztec hot chocolate, boundless maize and rich sauces are big reasons to visit the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Anthea Gerrie enjoys its ruins, worm-laced mezcal and hot-as-hell chillies

In Season

Follow our guides to what’s in season with exclusive recipes and features from the country’s top food writers...

  • Strawberries

    A symbol of quintessential British summertime, Clarissa Hyman explores why these luscious, plump berries pip all fruit to the post when fresh and home-grown

48 Hours

Whether you’re just passing through or making a weekend of it, we give you the 48-hour lowdown on cities across the globe.

  • Toulouse Europe France 

    It has the history, art and café culture of France’s bigger cities but is small enough to walk around and enjoy a laid-back southern European vibe, says Lizzie Frainier


From the world’s finest lake stays to the most beautiful Mediterranean islands, for travel inspiration, look no further.

  • Restaurants with rooms

    Savour food and wine worth travelling for and check in at one of the UK’s very best restaurants with rooms. Just load up the car, pack a healthy appetite and make a night of it


Where do the chefs eat when they have the night off and where do they travel to for culinary inspiration?

  • Richard Bainbridge

    Winner of the Great British Menu, Bainbridge opened his first solo restaurant in Norwich last year. He tells Imogen Lepere where to eat in his hometown and the restaurants on his international hit list

Wine Column

Our wine columnist Adam Lechmere shares his thoughts on wine regions, grape varieties, hot topics and issues.

  • Refreshing Summer Reds

    Like revenge – and a summertime gin and tonic – many of the current generation of light fruity reds are best served cold, says Adam Lechmere



Cookery Schools

  • The Michel Roux Jr Cookery School

    Food and Travel Review January 2016: Cactus Kitchens or The Michel Roux Jr Cookery School: Bumping into famous chefs at Cactus Kitchens is

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