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Starters and Mains

  • Chilli-roasted sweet potato, cauliflower, rocket and ricotta

    Chilli-roasted sweet potato, cauliflower, rocket and ricotta

    Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/ Gas 6. Line a large baking tray with foil. Toss the sweet potato and cauliflower with the chilli flakes, thyme and olive oil. Spread in an even layer on the baking tray, season with sea salt and pepper and roast for 20 minutes. When cool, toss with the rocket and half of the dressing and finish with the ricotta or feta cheese. Place the remaining dressing in a bowl for people to help themselves to more

  • A very beautiful coleslaw

    A very beautiful coleslaw

    Place the grater attachment on a food processor and grate the carrot. Remove, add the thinnest slicer attachment and slice the white and red cabbage, kale and fennel. Tip into a large bowl and add the herbs. Mix all the dressing ingredients together, season with sea salt and pepper, pour over the vegetables and toss until thoroughly more

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Desserts and Puddings

  • Almond and saffron balls

    Almond and saffron balls

    Place the almonds in a bowl and pour over enough hot water to cover. Allow to soak overnight. The next day, place the saffron in a small dish of more

  • Spiced and floral truffles

    Spiced and floral truffles

    Blitz the walnuts and pistachios roughly in a food processor. Add the remaining ingredients and blend until combined. Cover and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes. In a small dish, more

  • Rabri kulfi sticks

    Rabri kulfi sticks

    Blend the condensed milk, whole milk, ricotta cheese, whole milk powder, cornflour and cardamom seeds in a food processor until combined, then pour into a saucepan and heat over more

Cakes, Bread and Pastries


  • Preserved lemons, peppercorns with ginger and garlic

    Preserved lemons, peppercorns with ginger and garlic

    Place the lemons, garlic, ginger and peppercorns in a large bowl and cover with the turmeric, chilli powder (if using) salt and sugar. Using your hands, rub in the spices, making sure everything is coated. Transfer the mixture to more

  • Whole spice, crispy onion and lentil rice

    Whole spice, crispy onion and lentil rice

    In a medium saucepan with a lid, mix together the puy lentils, stock, black cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon stick, cloves and turmeric and bring to the boil. Gently stir once then cover with a lid and reduce the heat to low. more

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