Food to Wine Matches

Discover what wines to pair with your favourite Food and Travel recipes.

  • Tempranillo


    The natural choice for tapas, this versatile fruity wine also pairs well with meats such as pork and rabbit

  • Syrah


    Thick, spicy and juicy, syrah is superb with game and soft cheese, but it’s at its best with a big slab of rare beef

  • Sparklers


    A full-bodied glass of bubbly can be a fantastic food partner, particularly with canapés, salmon and seafood

  • Semillon


    Dry semillon is the ideal match for fish and seafood, while its sweet form is perfection with foie gras and cheese

  • Sauvignon


    Sauvignon’s tangy, grassy qualities make it ideal to drink with asparagus, shellfish and all kinds of herby dishes

  • Sangiovese


    A natural fit with Tuscan trattoria fare, sangiovese can also do justice to a juicy steak or duck breast

  • Riesling


    From aromatic Thai curries to traditional pork chops, this perfumed grape enhances a wide variety of flavours

  • Pinot noir

    Pinot noir

    This luscious, complex wine is at its magnificent best when matched with red meat and well-hung game

  • Merlot


    A great food-friendly wine, merlot’s sweet fruitiness is a perfect foil for earthy game birds and juicy braised beef

  • Gewurztraminer


    This rich, fruity wine complements the creaminess of cheese and is the ideal companion to a curry

  • Gamay


    While light gamays are perfect with pasta and fish, the darker varieties are better suited to fowl and game

  • Chenin


    Chenins have a freshness and zippiness that makes them fantastic with mussels, oysters and other seafood

  • Chardonnay


    A versatile grape which stands up well to strong flavours, chardonnay is a match for fish, fowl and egg dishes

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    Cabernet Sauvignon

    Beefy, herby stews, lamb roasted with rosemary or rare steak can all bring out the best in a fruity cabernet

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