Farm Shop

Part of the 16,500-acre Cowdray Estate, this redeveloped stable is nestled in the heart of the South Downs National Park. Owners Michael and Marina Pearson pride themselves in selling store-cupboard staples alongside gastronomic rarities, but quality produce – responsibly made and locally sourced – remains at the core of their ethos.

Step inside from the crisp air to the smell of freshly baked orange polenta cake. Alongside eggs from the estate’s own hens, wooden crates are stacked high with organic fruit and vegetables. A collaboration with nearby Langham Brewery has helped the farm shop produce its own Cowdray Ale – an ideal pairing with a slab of award-winning venison pie. The estate rears its own fallow and roe deer to an exceptional standard, allowing them to hang for up to two weeks to develop an intense, savoury avour that’s fabulous in winter cooking.

All the butchery is performed on site and the homemade sausages are excellent. Succulent five-week-aged beef and lamb straight from the farm is a must for a Sunday roast, while its bacon and gammon is dry cured over apple-wood chips, lending a subtle, smoky taste.

The deli counter is a trove of hand-picked artisan cheese, which ranges from the best of British producers to continental specialities. Luca Castraberte is the shop’s man on the ground in Italy and he delves deep into the country’s dairy industry to find products that aren’t available anywhere else in the UK. Indulge in Pecorino fresco Vesentum, made from sheep’s milk, and Gorgonzola dolce, paired with a glass of Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine from Wiston Estate. But our top picks both come from a little closer to home: we think Colston Bassett Stilton from Neal’s Yard Dairy with Peter’s Yard crackers is difficult to beat.

Farm Shop

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