Dugard and Daughters

Herne Hill


There are some businesses you just want to succeed. The day after Rosie Dugard had her second daughter, she was made redundant by an IT company. Six months down the line, husband Neil suffered the same fate. They ploughed every last penny into their store in the railway arches beneath Herne Hill station, opening with nothing left in the bank, only the stock on the shelves to their name.
Eighteen months later, it’s a rip-roaring success. ‘People come for the meat and stay for the produce,’ says Rosie. ‘We’re delighted how the local community has taken to us.’ It is first and foremost a butcher’s, ageing all the beef for at least four weeks in the on-site dry cure, and you can pick up almost any cut you can think of; if you can’t,
they’ll be darn sure to have their team of butchers carve it for you. The rib-eye is one of the best we’ve tried, with marbling Michelangelo would be proud of. All meat is supplied by the Rare Breed Meat Company, based in Colchester, Essex, with much of the fresh and jarred produce from single producers. The honey comes from hives in homes around the area, beer is brewed within 50m, and local pickler, Vadasg, makes kimchi, fermented gherkins and sauerkraut. They also do a fine line in DIY kits. The bacon-curing pack (just add pork belly) is a huge seller and they plan to release a cheese-making kit in time for Christmas. A local deli to be proud of. MS. 286 Arch, Herne Hill.


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