Dalston, London

Furanxo Dalston

Packed as tightly as a tin of sardines into one of Dalston Lane’s terraces, the pale, smart walls, stripped-back wooden shelves, and science-lab stools of Furanxo provide a flat-white colour palette for this deli in East London’s edgiest area. With a narrow shop floor, the Andalucian-inspired Furanxo offers all the atmosphere of traditional Spanish abacerías, though with less of the Iberian design frivolity.

Hams, hung trotter-end up from a butcher’s hook, are presented art-like against the tiles, while a carefully curated display of artisan charcuterie, hand-picked from trusted small-scale producers, is laid out on a slim marble counter. Fat-specked Coppa Ibérico Bellota, made by Julio Castro Alba in Burgos from his burly, acorn-fed pigs, sits snug beside marbled Lomito Ibérico and flavourful beef chorizo. Owners Manuel de los Santos and Xavier Alvarez import an eclectic selection of cheeses, so expect to encounter Castrocastillo, aged for 90 days in 10m-deep caves, buttery Redes National Park Casín and goat’s milk Navero from Toledo. Pocket-sized tins of Spanish conservas in pop-art colours are stacked high, while hispanophiles will welcome the olive oil-fried patatas fritas and light, crispy tortas de aceite (sweet biscuits). Elsewhere, a wall of bins from Andalucia’s wine-growing regions tempts.

Come evening, head downstairs with Spanish expats and Dalston creatives alike to tuck into light tapas and low-intervention wines by the glass. Dishes might include escabeche mussels served in a potato purée with tomatoes, Galician octopus with yellow beans, and boards of just-sliced-from-the-leg meats. While you’re snacking, make sure to ask about upcoming events. Advertised on artfully printed posters, these intimate evenings offer cosy meet-ups and tasting sessions with some of Spain’s most inventive winemakers.

Words by Lucy Kehoe. furanxo.com

Furanxo Dalston

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