La Fromagerie Deli of the Month

52 Lamb's Conduit St,

20171116 Ads Lafromagerie 301 Pano

Owner Patricia Michelson began her venture 27 years ago after being inspired by a slice of Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage she tasted while on a skiing trip in France. Ever since, her love for fromage has grown. From selling cheese in her back garden and at Camden Market to opening her first shop in Highbury in 1992, her business has gone from strength to strength. Now with three stores, we couldn’t wait to check out her latest venture in Bloomsbury, which opened in 2017.

Set within a beautifully renovated period building, La Fromagerie’s interior delivers aesthetically, too. Restored Victorian features are paired with dark green banquettes, marble-topped bars and antique brass lighting, lending a convivial atmosphere. Obviously, cheese is the key draw here, so head straight to the room that keeps it at the perfect temperature, which is filled with over 250 wheels from across the globe. Be greeted by heady aromas that are designed to be complementary, as each cheese is positioned to work with the next.

Scan the shelves and ask questions to work out what suits your taste and leave with a haul based on knowing recommendations. Be sure to try Brie aux Truffe, a wonderfully creamy combination that Michelson produces herself. Filled with mascarpone and sliced black truffle, it brings out the earthy scent of the brie and is best served with champagne. For a more traditional taste, opt for Regalis, a ewe’s milk blue cheese made in the Midi-Pyrénées. The wax coating allows the sweet, milky whey to remain inside the cheese, softening the sharp flavour and giving it a distinctive, almost floral flavour.

Leave room in your bag for homemade seasonal chutneys and freshly baked bread that will really make your cheeseboard stand out from the crowd. Cheese aficionados rejoice.

20171116 Ads Lafromagerie 301 Pano

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