Radish and pear salad with toasted Shropshire blue cheese

Serves 4 Starters and mains

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  • 2 tender celery sticks
  • 2 Nashi pears
  • a handful of radishes
  • 80g lamb’s lettuce

For the dressing

  • 2tbsp walnut kernels
  • 1tsp chopped rosemary needles
  • 2tbsp walnut oil
  • juice of 1 small orange
  • 1tsp clear honey (optional)

To serve

  • small baguette, sliced
  • 175g Shropshire Blue cheese


Preheat the grill. Finely slice the celery sticks, including the leaves, the pears and radishes. Mix into the lamb’s lettuce.

For the dressing, coarsely grind the walnut kernels with the chopped rosemary needles in a food processor; mix with the walnut oil and the orange juice. Season with salt, pepper and, if you like, some clear honey. Toast the baguette slices, crumble the Shropshire Blue cheese on top and grill until bubbling. Dress the salad and serve with the cheese toasts.

01 Inseason F+Tjul10


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