Tutti frutti ice cream snowballs with coconut, white chocolate, Grand Marnier and mango

Serves 6 Desserts and puddings

Ice Cream 0286



  • 6 egg whites
  • 250g caster sugar
  • 450ml double cream
  • 4-5tbsp Grand Marnier
  • 250g glacé fruits (cherries, figs, watermelon, apricots etc), coarsely chopped
  • 200g white chocolate
  • 150g desiccated coconut
  • 3 ripe mangoes

To decorate (optional)

  • white popping candy
  • edible silver glitter spray
  • small mint leaves


Put the egg whites into a large, squeaky-clean bowl and add half the sugar. Whisk until combined and then add the remaining sugar. Whisk until very stiff and meringue- like (an electric whisk is essential).

In a separate bowl, whisk the cream to loose, soft peaks. Fold the egg white mixture and cream together until combined, then fold in the chopped glacé fruits and a splash of Grand Marnier. Transfer to a freezerproof container and freeze until solid.

Melt the white chocolate in a large bowl and leave to cool. Put the coconut in a separate bowl.

Scoop the ice cream into balls, dip briefly into the cooled white chocolate then roll gently in the coconut to coat. Lay the balls on a flat plate and return to the freezer.

Around 15 minutes before serving, remove the ice cream from the freezer to soften. Just before serving, peel the mangoes and, using a melon baller, create little balls from the flesh. Pop them into a bowl, pour over 2-3tbsp Grand Marnier and macerate for 10 minutes or so.

To serve, pile the snowballs onto a platter and arrange the mango balls here and there. Decorate with popping candy, glitter spray and small mint leaves.

Photography and prop styling: Angela Dukes. Food styling: Linda Tubby.
Ice Cream 0286
Photography and prop styling: Angela Dukes. Food styling: Linda Tubby.


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