Yuzu curd tarts

Makes 16 Desserts and puddings

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For the pastry

  • 35g pistachio nibs
  • 1tbsp caster sugar
  • 125g plain flour
  • 80g chilled salted butter, cubed
  • 80g chilled salted butter, cubed
  • 2tbsp yuzu juice

For the yuzu curd (makes around 350ml)

  • 100g full-fat natural yoghurt
  • 45g salted butter
  • 3tbsp caster sugar
  • 4tbsp yuzu juice
  • 1 large egg plus 2 egg yolks

To serve

  • approx. 2tbsp candied yuzu peel, finely chopped
  • 1 sheet edible silver leaf

You will need

  • 16 x 6cm fluted tartlets tins


Put the sliced pistachios in a mini processor with the sugar and whizz to a fine powder. Put the flour and the pistachio mixture in a bowl and rub in the butter cubes, to create a fine crumb.

Mix in the egg yolk and yuzu juice. Bring the mixture together into a ball of elastic dough. Flatten outa little on a sheet of non-PVC cling film, wrap and chill for 30 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 190C/ 170C F/Gas 6. Roll out a quarter of the dough at a time, stamp out 7-8cm circles and use to line the tartlet tins. Put them on a baking tray and chill for 10 minutes.

Line the tins with circles of scrunched-up baking paper and fill with baking beans. Bake blind for 12 minutes. Remove the beans and paper and bake for a further 3 minutes until lightly golden and crisp. Cool for 5 minutes, then carefully remove from the tins and cool completely on a wire rack. At this stage they can be stored for a week in an airtight container. To make the yuzu curd, put the yoghurt in a sieve (preferably nylon) set over a bowl, chill and allow to drip for a few hours.

Put the butter, sugar and yuzu juice in a small pan and slowly melt the butter over a low heat. Mix the egg with the egg yolks and add to the pan. Stir with a whisk continuously over a very low heat until the mixture thickens. This takes only a few minutes, so do take care that it doesn’t curdle. Remove from the heat and plunge the base of the pan into a basin of cold water. Transfer to a bowl and leave to get cold.

When ready to fill the pastry cases, fold the strained yoghurt into the yuzu curd. Spoon around 1tsp into each case and top with some chopped candied yuzu peel and a sliver or two of silver leaf.

This recipe was taken from the June/July 2020 issue of Food and Travel.

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Photography and prop styling by Angela Dukes. Recipes and food styling by Linda Tubby.
WEB Yuzu tarts 2556
Photography and prop styling by Angela Dukes. Recipes and food styling by Linda Tubby.


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