Arros QD


Quique Dacosta may not be a household name in the UK, but it is him we have to thank for elevating the Spanish national dish of paella to gastronomic glory (earning himself a total of four Michelin stars in Dénia and Valencia along the way). His first restaurant outside of Spain has recently landed in London’s Fitzrovia and the star is, of course, paella, here cooked à la llama, or as ‘chapas’: flavoursome small portions featuring the likes of pigeon, eel, octopus and squid ink. Our table overlooks the dramatic 6m-long fires that flame the pans to perfection. But there is more to the menu than rice. We start with truffle bombs – delicate, pastry-wrapped potato soufflé to be popped whole into the mouth for the ultimate flavour burst – followed by mind-bending cheese ‘stones’ – savoury Parmigiano Reggiano and Manchego cream encased in cocoa butter. Tender beef cheeks in red curry stew are a highlight, until, that is, the paella arrives. Our Valenciana features rabbit, chicken and beans with a feisty aïoli, a combination so flavoursome that we scrape the charred edges of the pan.

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