Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill

London, England

There’s nothing Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill doesn’t do well, with Richard Corrigan having worked incredibly hard for years to make a menu that’s simply delicious in the best possible way. The seafood cocktail is so choc-full of fresh, juicy chunks of shellfish that is has to be the finest in town, and when the town is London, that’s no mean feat. Summer in the city may deny you the coast, but this is where you can get a true taste of it, as you choose from a well thought out oyster menu on their alfresco tables on Swallow Street, just off Regent Street. Whole roasted fish – turbot, if it’s on – is indulgent, yet a compulsory order here, as it’s always so good. Although opting for the native lobster, shellfish platters, fish pie or even the lamb or sirloin (the chef knows his meat too) is no compromise. To finish, it has to be salted caramel and popcorn soft-serve.

Words by Alex Mead.

This review was taken from the July 2023 issue of Food and Travel.

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