Dim Sum Terrace

A position overlooking the rooftops of Knightsbridge from the fourth floor of one of the world’s most iconic shops sets quite the scene for lunch, hence the perfect placement of the new Dim Sum Terrace at Harrods. Standards are high and dim sum isn’t something you want to get wrong with such a discerning audience, but this place punches its weight. They’ve pimped up some classics such as prawn and scallop siu mai topped with foie gras, and wagyu and taro croquettes topped with caviar – both a joy for your mouth to behold. Duck and truffle dumplings with crispy duck skin is also surely the stuff of new dim sum legend. But it’s the exceptional execution of pork char siu bao, crispy salt and pepper chicken and xiao long bao – which are so often poor imitations in London – that make this worth the price tag (plus, this is Harrods). thedimsumterrace.co.uk

Words by Alex Mead.

This review was taken from the August/September 2023 issue of Food and Travel.

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