L’Atelier Robuchon

Mayfair, London

So effortlessly classy is the relaunch of L’Atelier Robuchon London in Mayfair that it just feels like it’s been like this forever. And parts of it have, with the perfect synergy across the L’Atelier family such that what they do well in Hong Kong or Miami, they now do just as well in London, if not better because, obviously, our capital is the epicentre of gastronomy. That marble top bar, cocktails at your table,
the dessert trolley, a bread basket that is a course in its own right – even before you get to the supposed hero courses you’ve been won over. Then the refreshing, clean flavours
of a sea bream carpaccio with poppy seeds and lemon vinaigrette get the taste buds revved up; decadence follows as foie gras comes with quail or pigeon, or wagyu and bone marrow, all impeccably done. From start to finish (save space for parfum des îles), it’s faultless.

Alex Mead


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