Le Cinq restaurant

Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris 31, avenue George V 75008 Paris

Christian Le Squer is an astronomical expert when it comes to top-notch Parisian dining. After training at stellar local establishments including Taillevent and Lucas Carton, the chef nabbed two Michelin twinkly ones at Café de la Paix, then three more at Pavillon Ledoyen. Now he’s at Le Cinq in the French capital’s Four Seasons Hotel – and guess what, he’s bagged another Michelin hat-trick. What you pay for – and trust us, you certainly do – is food with a brilliant contemporary twist to the tradition of le cuisine bourgeois (meals prepared by private chefs) with regional ingredients from his Brittany birthplace. Playing with tastes, textures and colours, the chef’s openers include Dublin Bay prawns with warm mayonnaise and crispy buckwheat pancakes, and a gratinated onion that bursts with soup at the slightest touch. They’re followed by mains such as beef glazed with mozzarella and turbot with truffle potatoes, all rounded off with an extraordinary ‘crunchy grapefruit’ and strawberries with Chantilly. Take in a pre-dinner wine tasting in the George V cellar and this is a truly unique experience. IB. 00 33 4952 7000

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