Lorenz Adlon restaurant


Set in a corner of the famed Hotel Adlon in Germany’s capital, it’s hard to imagine what awaits behind the nondescript entrance. Stepping in, you can’t help but find yourself steering towards the ceiling-to-floor windows and the magnificent view of the Brandenburg Gate. A peaceful setting, cosy and dimly lit yet elegant, chef Hendrik Otto and his team of ten compose high-calibre dishes. Some of them are super-modern, some more traditional, but none leaving any doubt that this place truly deserves its two Michelin stars. Even the bread basket is a piece of art, with freshly baked little buns nestled in hot stones and herbs. While you can order à la carte, we highly recommend opting for one of the two ‘Quintessenz’ menus in four to eight courses. Think goose liver with marinated figs and pineapple followed by yellowfin mackerel with caviar and silken beurre blanc. The Norwegian salmon with orange, lime and honey sits perfectly with the glazed pork belly. A classic you’ll almost always find on the menu is the saddle of venison from nearby Neustrelitz, a town known for its game. Finishing with an oat cream crumble with blood oranges and yoghurt foam, you can’t help but feel that this restaurant is well worthy of the third star that it has been tipped to win.

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