The Hidden Hut

Cornwall, England

If you’re going to head to the coast, full of visions of idyllic sunny days on the beach, The Hidden Hut on Cornwall’s Roseland Peninsula is one place that’s never going to disappoint. The outdoor beach kitchen keeps things fresh, seasonal and local – grilled seafood and big ‘beach’ salads are joined by chowders, soups and spiced dhals, and they have numerous events including guest chefs, fishing boat landings, and big cook-outs with seafood paellas and grills. In the evening, they host feast nights – where you bring your own plate – and they do one dish, whether it’s slow-roasted lamb, sticky ribs, lobster and chips or a mackerel grill. To top it all off, they have no license so you can bring your own booze. Summer dining might just have peaked with The Hidden Hut, so get in quick.

Words by Alex Mead.

This review was taken from the July 2023 issue of Food and Travel.

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