The Ludlow Hotel

New York

Manhattan’s gritty Lower East Side has long been dressed in European sentiment – the Dutch boweries of the 1600s, the Irish tenement rogues and Italian rapscallions of 19th-century novels, the famous Jewish delis and the avant-garde artists of the Seventies are just a few examples. Today, The Ludlow stands as a modern beacon of this rich cultural history. Shaking off the area’s working-class roots, it encapsulates the area’s more gentrified new look with a members’ club vibe that wouldn’t seem out of place in Covent Garden. Moody lighting, open fires and belovedly knackered-looking leather are mainstays in the snug-style downstairs area, where a distinctly Euro crowd sip strong coffees that metamorphose into old fashioneds as the afternoon progresses. Upstairs, industrial windows reveal city scenes best enjoyed from your four-poster or sunken tub. Opt for a Skybox Loft for 360-degree views and a balcony. And whatever you do, don’t miss the Ruben sandwich served up at Katz’s Deli, across the street. Doubles from £240.

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