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With the opening of Gran Meliá Arusha in Tanzania, safari-goers can now experience a whole new level of luxury, along with unforgettable activities, world-class pampering and a deliciously diverse culinary offering

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A place of African beauty

Northern Tanzania is a place of poetic beauty. It is a place where hippos wallow in sun-dappled creeks, buffaloes graze the Serengeti, and antelopes roam the plains with breath-taking grace. A place where soaring eagles punctuate the brilliant blue sky and migrating zebras form a hypnotic, monochromatic whole, while sunsets paint the evening air in technicolour shades of ochre and red, in an unforgettable prelude to the mesmerising sounds of the African night. And now, for those wishing to explore the call of the wild from a base camp which epitomises luxurious elegance, yet remains sympathetic to its surroundings and committed to minimising its impact on the precious ecosystem it inhabits, there is exclusive new resort Gran Meliá Arusha – a place that is inherently attuned to elevating the magic you experience on your African odyssey.


Accommodation as luscious as the surrounds

Guests – understandably in a hurry to arrive at their African oasis – won’t have to worry about long transfer times: Gran Meliá Arusha is just a 45-minute drive from Kilimanjaro International Airport and, for regional flights, a 20-minute hop from Arusha Airport. Located at 1,400m above sea level, on the southern slope of Tanzania’s second highest peak, the sacred Mount Meru (4,566m), Arusha is blessed with cool, dry winds which mitigate the humidity prevalent elsewhere in the region. Set against a backdrop of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Manyara and wildlife-rich landscape of Ngorongoro, Gran Meliá Arusha is home to 28ha of coffee and tea plantations crossed by a river and a handful of natural springs, with tranquillity coming as standard. Accommodation comprises a range of spacious rooms and suits impeccably decorated in a muted, earthy palette with contemporary furniture and lighting throughout. Private balconies make for panoramic views over verdant gardens, though you’ll find your gaze being inexorably drawn time and again to the majestic silhouette of Mount Meru.


Your African adventure awaits

While it will be hard to drag yourself away from the hotel’s myriad amenities, do so you must, as adventure awaits. As the sun rises, you will embark with your private guide on a tour that takes in the most picturesque spots in Arusha National Park, spotting hyenas and leopards, black-and-white colobus monkeys and pelicans, before continuing the safari by canoe on the mirror-like waters of Momella Lakes, witness to the enchanting sight of giraffes and monkeys coming to the shore’s edge to drink.

Visitors young and old will delight in a trip to an elephant sanctuary, set among century-old baobab trees, or in enjoying a bird’s eye view from the basket of a hot-air balloon, watching as gazelles dance across the Serengeti below. Any hikers in your party, meanwhile, will want to take on the challenge of a trek to Uhuru Peak, the highest summit in Africa, crossing the lush Marangu forest en route before arriving at the emblematic wooden Mandara Huts and the Maundi crater, at 2,715m. After savouring the views – and a delectable picnic prepared by the Gran Meliá Arusha chefs – the beguiling descent takes in the unforgettable Marangu Falls – a fabulous photo op.

Post-safari, it’s time to indulge in some world-class pampering at Gran Meliá Arusha’s world-class spa and wellness centre. From the heated outdoor pool – where the pleasure of swimming laps is heightened immeasurably by the unspoilt African horizon vistas beyond – to a heady range of detox and anti-stress therapies, everything is in place to ensure that you are at your physical and mental best. Treatments are inspired by time-proven African wellness traditions, helping to enhance beauty and balance during your stay


Culinary mastery from chef Sanjeev Kapoor

As for cuisine, guests are simply spoilt for choice. Spices and fresh produce come from Gran Meliá Arusha’s own kitchen garden, along with the very best of the region’s abundant natural larder, while coffee from the estate’s own plantations grace the menu at the hotel’s Ava Café. Acclaimed chef Sanjeev Kapoor is at the helm at signature restaurant Yellow Chilli. With a menu characterised by standout dishes from regions like the Punjab and traditional dishes of the Mughal Empire, Kapoor takes diners on an unforgettable culinary journey. Elsewhere, Saba Saba embodies the cosmopolitan spirit of Arusha from dawn till dark, serving local, seasonal recipes – many of them with a French twist. The roof terrace, meanwhile, is the place to enjoy top-notch dining while being entertained by a roster of live shows. Fusing Peruvian and Spanish flavours, the haute cuisine here takes the form of a mouth-watering selection of tapas. Cocktails at sundown promise to be a highlight of any stay.

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Sponsored by Gran Meliá Arusha

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