Why Dubrovnik should be your next gourmet getaway

Between the sparkling Adriatic and soaring pine-clad mountains, the walled city of Dubrovnik offers culture, natural beauty and unrivalled gourmet experiences all year round

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A Unesco-listed city like no other

History laid bare on every cobbled street corner, stunning natural landscapes of mountain and sea and a wine and food scene that puts provenance first – Dubrovnik punches well above its weight. Stepping foot in this Unesco World Heritage City is always a special moment: between the atmospheric ancient buildings, mighty city walls, hidden beach coves and candlelit restaurants, there’s an unmatched sense of discovery to be had, no matter how many times you drop anchor in this Mediterranean port.

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Architectural wonders meet culinary excellence

With well-preserved buildings ranging in style from baroque churches to the renaissance Sponza Palace and the gothic Rector’s Palace, it is little wonder Dubrovnik is known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. The picturesque city is famed for its charming Old City and 16th-century grand stone wall – and with superlative local ingredients and age-old culinary traditions, Dubrovnik is committed to first-rate fare too. This is apparent from the moment you step foot in the characterful city. Wander to the farmers' market where you’ll find simple, organic produce, the finest olive oil and prized wines. Here, locals and reputable chefs shop side by side for delicious vegetables and fruits including krivaja – a rare and endemic grape that can be found in Septemberalong with pomegranates, melons and figs that have been lovingly nurtured by fertile, sun-kissed soils.

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From land and sea to the tables of world-class restaurants

Taking advantage of the rich natural larder comes easily here. From the dramatic coastline comes an abundance of fresh seafood including the world-famous Ston oysters. The Adriatic’s finest, these oysters have been cultivated in the bay of Mali Ston since the 17th-century and are simply not to be missed. And, from the surrounding plentiful fields, olive groves and vineyards come delicious, sun-kissed ingredients that find their way straight to fine-dining tables. Across the board, a new wave of young creative chefs have taken inspiration from near and far to elevate Dubrovnik’s gastronomic scene. No matter what’s on the plate, dining alfresco on the beautiful terraces, romantic squares and sipping on famous Croatian plavac mali wine is an experience to be savoured. To find out more about Dubrovnik’s excellent culinary offerings click here.

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A taste of history

Driven by a passion for fine food and wine, Dubrovnik’s culinary scene has been shaped by an outstanding natural larder that’s married with time-honoured recipes passed down for generations. The result? Full flavours that are fresh and genuine. For a light lunch, you can’t go wrong with small plates of smoked ham, traditional cheese preserved in olive oil, grilled octopus salad and fried sprats. Or tuck into the decadent Ston pasta cake and must-try oyster soup followed by the creamy, rose-scented rožata pudding. Feeling hungry? click here and delve into Dubrovnik’s traditional recipes.

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Dubrovnik’s flagship food festival

Sharing has always been at the heart of Dubrovnik’s food culture, and gastro events take centre stage – the high point is the two-week Good Food Festival in October, showcasing unmissable mainstays and the finest wines. With a rich itinerary that features workshops, tastings and presentations, plus first-rate plates served up by Michelin-starred chefs, celebration menus to be enjoyed in the surrounding restaurants and gastronomic tours, this is the year to uncover the flavours of Dubrovnik like never before. Click here to discover more foodie events for your calendar.

To start planning your trip and find out more about the city and its food culture, head to tzdubrovnik.hr

Photography by Julien Duval, Zoran Marinović and Katja Živković

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