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Luxembourg: delight your senses

From cosy cafés to starred restaurants, Luxembourg's gastronomy's gastronomy is like the country itself: a mosaic of cultures, colours and flavours. The local food scene reflects Luxembourg's traditions, but also its multicultural influences, not least those of the Italian and Portuguese communities.

People like to eat out in the Grand Duchy, and not without good reason. Although Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe, the country has more than a few culinary gems. Its many Michelin stars, including the world’s best vegetarian restaurant, are representative of an overall high culinary standard. This is also found in traditional eateries where hearty local dishes are on the menu, including the so-called Kniddelen (flour dumplings) or the famous Rieslings-Paschtéit (pastry with meat filling in wine jelly).

Sweet treats and sparkling wines

At markets and fairs, you’ll find many other specialities such as local sausages and hams as well as Gromperekichelcher (deep-fried potato cakes). Don’t even try to resist the sweet call of the many patisseries and chocolateries.

Where there is good food, fine wine is never far away. Thanks to the local microclimate and the fertile soils of the hills surrounding the Moselle River, Luxembourg winegrowers – and the Romans long before them – quickly realised that they could produce high-quality wines. Nine grape varieties are raised on the sunny slopes of the Moselle Valley in the south-east of the country. And for those special moments, the famous Crémant de Luxembourg sparkles in the glass.

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