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Whatever name you know them by, these tasty, versatile crustaceans are part of the lexicon of every good menu, says Clarissa Hyman


  • Randall and Aubin

    Randall and Aubin Soho

    This Brewer Street stalwart headed up by Ed Baines is the type of place you’d revisit time and again. While there are many ‘bistros’ more
  • Nikkei Nine

    Nikkei Nine Hamburg

    Over the past decade, Europe has benefited from a sushi revolution. Lunch options have been healthily upgraded and it’s introduced more
  • Aqua Kyoto

    Aqua Kyoto Soho

    Head chef Paul Greening experiments with fermentation and locally sourced produce to create delectable Japanese cuisine. A central sushi more


  • Nigel Mendham

    Nigel Mendham

    The head chef of GBR at Dukes Hotel tells Lizzie Frainier about how he developed his love of traditional food, where he eats in the capital and how his signature dish has evolved as he has

Cookery Schools

  • Le Cordon Bleu

    Le Cordon Bleu

    Food and Travel Review February/March 2017 As I step off the bustling Holborn street into the pristine entrance of the legendary Le Cordon Bleu cookery school, I am greeted by chef David Duverger. Dressed in whites and crowned in more

Deli of the Month

  • Panetteria by Fucina

    Panetteria by Fucina

    A new sibling often competes for attention but the little sister to elegant Italian restaurant and wine room Fucina has slotted into its central London location superbly. This organic delicatessen and bakery, which opened in February, more

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