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Our wine columnist Adam Lechmere shares his thoughts on wine regions, grape varieties, hot topics and issues, and most importantly, what to drink now

  • Pinots you need to know

    Pinots you need to know

    One of the world’s best-known grapes is also one of the hardest to select. Adam Lechmere gives more than just a Sideways glance to pinot noir

  • Wines to Match your Salad

    Wines to Match your Salad

    Matching wine to salad can be tough, but a necessary skill to grasp. Adam Lechmere decodes how to pair wine to the most versatile of dishes

  • Whites to broaden your repertoire

    Whites to broaden your repertoire

    Ordering a white but tired of picking sauvignon blanc? Adam Lechmere gives you the white grapes you need to know about for the year to come

  • Refreshing Summer Reds

    Refreshing Summer Reds

    Like revenge – and a summertime gin and tonic – many of the current generation of light fruity reds are best served cold, says Adam Lechmere

  • Outstanding Burgundies

    Outstanding Burgundies

    It’s not just big-ticket bottles in Burgundy – you’d be surprised at the number of wines combining drinkability with affordability, says Adam Lechmere

  • Wines of Piedmont

    Wines of Piedmont

    Italy’s Piedmont produces wines with high class – and often price tags. Try these bold, perfumed expressions that offer value, says Adam Lechmere

  • Wines To Pair With Food

    Wines To Pair With Food

    We all know wine tastes better with food, which is why Adam Lechmere has rounded up some surprising matches you may not have tried before

  • Party Wines

    Party Wines

    Buying wine for parties throws up a number of pitfalls. Adam Lechmere has the wines to buy in bulk that your guests will love and won’t break the bank

  • Celebration Wines

    Celebration Wines

    This month, Adam Lechmere is in the mood for a celebration. If you’re looking to spend a little more on wine this Christmas, these are the bottles for you

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